Here's How I Help Dog Training companies to Get 20-40 Clients Every Single Month On Auto-Pilot.
(or I don't get paid)

Dear Business Owner

Would it surprise you to learn that we get our clients HUNDREDS of booked appointments every single month?


Of course you are

But Stick with me and I'll make it worth your while.

And We Did It By Using A Completely Counterintuitive Model That I'm About To Share With You On This Very Page

The same model that Business Owners from all over the world are now using to get hundreds of high quality appointments booked into their calendars every single month.

Just Like Joe, Who Started Getting Highly-Qualified Appointments For $4 Each AND Got His First $20K Month Using Our Method!

And despite getting appointments for less than $4 each that's not the best part...

Instead of wasting time chasing leads,
Joe only spoke to people who were actually interested in his services.
The best part is Joe didn't have to follow up on.

“This Method helped me to cross over $20K in a month, Thanks PixelsWolf and Vetri.”

Joe - Dog Trainer

Our innovative approach of appointment setting allows you to get more clients.

We work in setting up appointments providing qualified 20-40 clients to Dog Training companies and we get results

Here are the results which we generated for our clients

Meet Vetri.

My name is Vetri Nilavan and I am the owner of Designify World Interiors and Pixelswolf Business Growth and Marketing. I utilize my knowledge to show you the only things you need to focus on in order to get more clients.

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Replicate results. Not work.

Why do extra work when you could be growing your business? Through our tested process, we’ll help you find clarity in what you need and maximize your efforts from beginning to end.



This is not a templated approach. We know every single buisness and client is unique. We’ll work with you to explore, research and understand your business.


Opportunity & Research

Your competitors may be doing the same thing, but we’ll help you navigate the world of opportunity. There’s always room to improve and innovate.


Plan, Create, & Execute

Through an agile approach, we’ll create a roadmap to completion, create and execute. This is where your product will really come to life.



Learnings, usage and analytics will tell us how to best optimize to continuously reach your customers and maximize your growth potential.


Tracking, Reporting, & Growing

Your business is an ever-evolving thing. Through tracking and reporting, we’ll continuously be your partner to make sure you continue to grow.

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